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SolidWorks Services

  • Design Concepts
  • Part and Assembly Modeling
  • Detail Drawings - Tolerance schemes
  • FEA - Finite Element Analysis
  • Photo Rendering
  • Animation
  • SolidWorks Site Setup
  • SolidWorks Coaching

Design Concepts

We can quickly bring design concepts to life by modeling the basic geometry in SolidWorks. The ability to generate quick concept models allows for exploration of more possibilities in far greater depth when starting work on new designs than traditional methods allow.

Once a design has been modeled in SolidWorks, it becomes easy for all parties involved to discuss and see into details of concepts quickly to identify pros and cons, traps and opportunities.

SolidWorks Modeling Service

With more than a dozen years of direct SolidWorks experience, we can produce robust solid models and assemblies utilizing best practices.  We understand when it is best to make several versions of a part as configurations of one model or when it is better to make individual models.  We understand the intricate details of assembly structure and know how to make it match the bill of materials as the basis for accurate and useful assembly drawings.

Production quality part and assembly models form the basis for efficient and accurate part production. 

Detail Drawings - GD&T Tolerance Strategies

From models and assemblies, we can produce clear, precise, detail and assembly drawings meeting all ANSI Y14.5 standards.

Drawings typically serve two main customers, the machinist or fabricator who will make the parts, and Inspection, the folks responsible for passing on its quality. The quality of drawings directly affects the quality, speed and cost of the work done by both.  Good drawings are easy to understand quickly, they are explicit in their meaning leaving no room for multiple interpretations and allow inspectors to decide clearly whether parts should pass or not.

GD&T is rapidly becoming the standard for high quality production documentation.  We can help you design a GD&T strategy that will provide guaranteed fit for all the parts in your assemblies at the minimum possible production cost. 

FEA - Finite Element Analysis

Happiness Tech employs COSMOS Finite Element Analysis in part and assembly design.  FEA can tell us how much load a part can take or what size a part needs to be to meet the design criteria.  FEA can guide us in removing material at the best spots for part lightening and cost reduction.

Photo Rendering

A great way to get additional mileage from your solid models, Photo Rendering brings the concepts to life.  Photo Rendering is great for:

  • Graphics for marketing materials.
  • Visualization of aesthetic elements of design.
  •  Optimizing presentation for sales.  Frequently a Photo Rendered model looks better than a photograph of the real thing!

SolidWorks Site Setup

When a company adopts SolidWorks it is best to have company specific templates set up that match the way they do business. Some of the details that should be included in a typical setup:

  • Creation of Part and Assembly Templates.
    • Units setup.  Inch system, Metric system, dual units
    • Material selection
    • Standard tolerances
  • Creation of  Drawing Templates.
    • Units setup.  Inch system, Metric system, dual units
    • Drawing standard:  ANSI, ISO, DIN . .
    • Sheet format setup
      • Company Logo
      • Checked by . . .
      • Bill of materials table setup
      • Revision table setup
      • Standard Notes
      • Confidentiality policy
  • Tool Box setup
    • Configure Toolbox to work the way you need it to.  This is often a problem if not set up properly for the way that you work.
  • File locations, referenced files . . .

We can get it set up just the way it will work best in your environment the first time and save endless hours of sorting it out later.

SolidWorks Coaching

Our very favorite of all SolidWorks services!

We use remote viewing and sharing technology to look over your shoulder and help you with SolidWorks right at your desk with the real work that you need to get done.  The most responsive of all possible support, SolidWorks Coaching is like having a SolidWorks Guru sitting at the desk next to you. There is no faster or more time efficient way to learn SolidWorks.

Line Drawings

Shaded 3d Model

Meshed for FEA

FEA resulting deformation with torque applied

Photo Rendered in PhotoWorks